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The Pleasant Plains Volunteer First Aid Squad was dispatched to 1094 calls for 2004. We were distpatched to 924 in 2003. These calls are not only in Pleasant Plains but also the surrounding areas. We service the 14 square miles that encompasses Pleasant Plains as our primary area. When needed, we will not only go into other Dover Township squad areas but also into other towns. Because we do not cover many days anymore we typically stay in Dover Township. We usually only go out of Dover Township when there is a large scale incident (bus accident, nursing home evacuation, etc.).

For days when we do not have day crews the Dover Township Police Department formed their own EMS. They are called Community Service Officers (CSO's for short). They are EMT's paid by the police department in Police EMS ambulances. They not only handle first aid calls but also help with assisted lifts and some administrative duties which frees a police officer in town. The CSO's station at either police headquarters or a first aid squad that does not have a crew. While we do not have many day crews because most people work during the day, we still cover a few days. We are always looking for members to help out during the day. While we did not want to give days up, we could not jeopardize our community's safety by not providing adequate EMS coverage.



Incoming 2015 Officers
Captain  330 - Frank J. Peluso Jr
1st Lt  331- David Shields
Sergeant  333 - Alexandra Schenker
President - Cathy Mulhern
Vice President - Diane DellaRocca
Secretary - Katrina Monta
Treasurer - Doug Clayton
Senior Trustee - Steve Pajak
Trustee - Pete Wilkens
Trustee - Bill Cusick

Outgoing 2014 Officers
Captain  330 - Pete Wilkens
1st Lt  331- Bill Cusick   
2nd Lt - Frank Peluso Jr

Sergeant  333 - Rob Meyers
President - Diane DellaRocca
Vice President - Cathy Mulhern
Secretary - Sean Regan
Treasurer - Doug Clayton

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